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The Community Voice Channel (CVC) operates three separate cable channels: Public Access, Educational Access, and Government Access.

The mission of Public Access Television is to provide the residents of cities, towns, and municipalities with the ability to produce program content that is of relevance to them and to their communities, at no cost. The Community Voice Channel (CVC) is the non-profit cable access television facility serving the Connecticut towns of:








Our facility is equipped with three studio cameras, a control room, lighting, and 3 editing bays containing Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite. Our goal is to give you all of the tools you will need to effectively communicate your messages through the powerful medium of television. Our staff provides training so volunteers can understand and use the facility to produce all types of programming.

• What does each channel provide

Public Access (Cable Channel 5) programming may be created for any purpose and may include information, entertainment, or the expression of various points of view, without limitation, unless prohibited by law or CVC Policies and Procedures.


Our Policies and Procedures document can be downloaded here.


Educational Access (Cable Channel 95) programming is designed to instruct or educate in an academic curriculum recognized by state certified educational institutions and follows a pre-arranged course of study, essentially a form of distance learning. This type of programming can encompass the following:

  Educational Programs

  School Sanctioned Events

  Library Sanctioned Events

  Interscholastic/Intra-scholastic Sports Events

  Spelling Bees


  School Plays

  Extra Curricular Speakers

  Other Non-Classroom, School Based Activities

Educational Access can also serve to inform the public about these and related activities and can also show informational videos about educational courses and institutions.


Government Access (Cable Channel 96) programming is broken down into two categories:


Government Proceedings

  Official proceedings of local, state, or federal governments that can be either live or prerecorded


Governmental Information Programming

•  Responsibility for content is assumed by elected or non-elected federal, state, or local government officials or their representatives. Such programs are usually hosted by government officials and can either be live or prerecorded.

If you are interested in producing or providing programming you can contact us via email at AmyH@cvcct.org or by phone at (860) 645-1454.

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