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Scott Tucker is the producer, host and camera behind Expedition New England. He grew up in New England but had no appreciation for our tremendously diverse wildlife because everyone always talked about Africa, Australia and Costa Rica. Right now, New England is home to some of the most spectacular plant and animal life on the planet and we invite you to join Scott and his family “wife Ava, daughter Daphne and son Race” on any one of their 93 episodes since 2005. One day you will find yourself rescuing Spotted Salamanders as they attempt to breed and the next you’ll be looking Blue Sharks in the eye “outside the cage” 40 miles off Pt. Judith RI.


In 2010 “after years of planning” Expedition Earth Productions Inc. was born. A federally recognized 501c3 that enables Expedition New England to accept tax exempt donations to help fund the mission of inspiring environmental protection with educational and entertaining wildlife documentaries.


But don’t box me in! Over the years at least once every year Scott heads off “outside of New England” to a place he has never explored! In 2012 it was the Galapagos Islands. Previous years landed him in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. If all goes well it looks like Africa is on the horizon for 2014 and China for 2015! Stay tuned.



Expedition New England airs on Wednesday's at 8:30pm.

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