CVC Board of Directors

Marc Diwinsky


Ellington Rep


Marc holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and communications from Keene State College. Property Manager, Greenfield Enterprises, LLC.

Chris Moyer




Became a volunteer in 12/2008.

Joined the board in 10/2009.

When I was in college I was a part of our campus TV station and had a lot of fun learning and using the equipment.  I initially got involved there because I was always very interested in the “behind the scenes” aspect of television.  I was the station’s business manager/treasurer for 3 years (I majored in business, not communications.)  I produced and directed our campus game show for 2 years, as well as helped with the production of countless other programs, live sporting events and graduations.  When I moved to CT and saw that CVC was nearby I took a class and had the same feeling of fun that I had in college, and have been involved ever since.


Shows I have helped on or made at CVC:  Produced and directed 48 episodes of Service Above Self from 2010-2013.  Directed Bolton Town Administrator’s Report for 6 years.  Produced and directed CVC’s first annual Meet Santa: Live! event in 2014.  Directed numerous episodes of Rep Sawyer Reports and So Many Books, as well as many one-off shows.

Ruth Treat

Bolton Rep


I was born and grew up in Manchester, Connecticut.  I have resided in Bolton, Connecticut with my husband since 1973.  I taught elementary school in Manchester for 5 years before deciding to farm with my in-laws who grew evergreen foundation plantings in Bolton.  My husband and I bought our farm on West Street in 1980 and established a cut your own Christmas tree business there, which we ran for about 25 years.  This is where we brought up our son and continue to enjoy our rural life.  I have volunteered for numerous organizations in town and in about 2008 became a volunteer at Community Voice Channel.  I took both the field course and the studio course and enjoyed them both.  I have produced and directed a number of shows, mostly for events conducted by the Bolton Land Trust.


I have enjoyed working with Community Voice Channel and believe that this service provides a great opportunity for towns and organizations to communicate with folks in their region.  I was asked to join the board of directors in 2013 and I’m presently serving as Bolton’s representative.


I encourage all residents in CVC’s seven towns to take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by working with CVC to broadcast their town meetings and reach out to their communities.   It costs nothing and the results can be priceless.

Mal Leichter

Hebron Rep


Mal holds a bachelor of science in industrial technology education. Retired; former teacher at Manchester Public Schools, IT System Continuous Availability Consultant at IBM Corporation, and Director of Business and Technology for Andover board of education.

Elaine Buchardt

Andover Rep


Elaine holds an Associates of Arts from Hartford College for Women and a Bachelor’s Degree from Trinity College. She is currently a realtor with Century 21, and is confirmed Justice of the Peace.

Teri-Lynn Rogers

Vernon Rep



Lauren Cragg

Marlborough Rep



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