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Community Voice Channel is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public access TV station located in Bolton Connecticut. The towns covered by CVC are: Andover, Bolton, Ellington, Hebron, Marlborough, Tolland, and Vernon. The main mission and goals of CVC can be found on the main page here. If you are from outside of the towns listed above you can not use CVC's equipment, public access station are cable company region based for a list of access stations go here.


CVC along with most public access stations was always geared more towards the creation of TV shows (talk, sports, political, etc.). Starting in 2013 the new Executive Director, Nick Lavigne, has been pushing for more focus in the area of movie making. CVC a quired new HD cameras that can shoot 24p in XAVC which is higher quality than the common AVCHD. A switch was made to use the Adobe Premiere CC suit, which not only helps the film makers, but is a better editing platform for everyone at CVC. Over the years more equipment as been added boom poles, steady cam rig, wireless mics, monopods, etc. We will continue to help film makers. We hope to soon have a class, but you can always ask question and we will help. If you would like to use what CVC has to offer read our Policies and Procedures here.

Do you like what CVC is doing and would like to help? There are many ways to help us with our goals. If you know anyone or a company that is willing to donate equipment please let us know or pick it up and drop it off! Another way is to donate to CVC which can be done through our Paypal here. Lastly becoming a volunteer is always a very great way to help, volunteering doesn't have to be creating shows, you can help us with anything. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with our Policies and Procedures.




Community Voice Channel

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Community Voice Channel

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